Bruno On Workouts: Exposing The Mystery.

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Here is what they are saying about Bruno on Workouts:

“In the sport of Horse racing, the only way to survive is to outlast your competition. You can't do that if you're not good at what you do. Bruno has proven throughout the years he is very good at what he does. I have always trusted his judgement and ability.” Three-time Kentucky Derby winning trainer Bob Baffert

“Years ago, I spent a morning with Bruno De Julio as he clocked and analyzed workouts. Doing it well requires diligence, concentration, and attention to detail. Bruno knows what he's looking at, and his new book explains his approach to this important aspect of handicapping” Barry Meadow-author of Money Secrets at the racetracks.

“I never really saw horses until I saw them through Bruno's eyes. For understanding how a throroughbred ran and will run, he has true vision.” Mark Cramer -- author of Kinky Handicapping.

“Bruno is brash. He is outspoken. He is often a public relations nightmare. He is also a top handicapper, has a great passion for this sport, and cares deeply about the racing fans. In this book, you will learn to "read between the lines" of the published form by studying a horse's appearance. I am a big believer in workout analysis, especially in the case of young horses. Bruno digs deep in his quest to solve handicapping's final frontier - the morning workout. There is plenty of interesting information, and it's all written in an entertaining style. A winner!” --Dan Illman, Handicapper, Daily Racing Form, Author, Betting Maidens & 2-Year-Olds.

Bruno on Workouts: Exposing The Mystery.
Finally a book that explores and exposes the last from frontier of thoroughbred handicapping. Written in a no-holds barred style, Bruno De Julio, offers practical applications of workout analysis and information that can easily translate to big payoffs for any level of handicapper.